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Thorough, fully-integrated financial advisory services for public sector clients.

Since 2000, CSG has advised on more bond issues and higher bond volume than any other firm in the housing sector.*

*Source: Thomson Reuters rankings of financial advisors in tax-exempt long-term housing new issues, 2000-2020.

Types of Clients

A Wide Range of Agencies.


State & Local Housing
Finance Agencies


Public Housing


Municipalities &
School Districts

Served by CSG since 1999.

Services We Offer.

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We pioneer programs like mortgage revenue bonds for home improvement, shared appreciation mortgages, and homeownership assistance for public employees as well as structuring bonds for all types of single family and multifamily homes.

Strategic & Long-Term Planning - hands shaking icon

Strategic & Long-Term Planning

We work with clients to strengthen their strategic and planning efforts, providing a systematic framework for managing risks, devoting resources, and increasing sustainability.

Cash Flow Analysis & Quantitative Services - upward graph icon

Cash Flow Analysis & Quantitative Services

We prepare projections, bond redemption strategies, risk assessment of bond risks, evaluations of the yield vs. cumulative impact as well as consolidated cash flows for many single-family and multifamily indentures and all major rating agencies.

Infrastructure & Land Development - multiple homes icon

Infrastructure & Land Development

We assist public agencies with redevelopment projects, infrastructure developments, investing funds in public-private development projects, and more.

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We design utility and special revenue financing, capital lease financing, and general obligation bonds.

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Real Estate Transactions

We help you determine the financing structure with the most significant overall benefits for your agency, now and in the future, and provide development advising and build the knowledge and capacity for our clients.

Operations & Financial Management - gears icon

Operations & Financial Management

We help you navigate decisions regarding your organization’s operations and financial management.

University & Non-Profit Work - school icon

University & Non-Profit Work

We have helped universities and major non-profit corporations finance projects and create ongoing financing programs for more.

Across the U.S.

Where We've Served.


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Current clients are as of Jan 1, 2023.


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Housing Bonds

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Developer Negotiations

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Tax Credits

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PHA Regulations & HUD Approvals

Strategic Planning & Portfolio Review - gears icon

Strategic Planning & Portfolio Review

Capital fund Financing Program - piggy bank icon

Capital fund Financing Program

Affordable Housing Redevelopment - houses in a circle icon

Affordable Housing Redevelopment

Choice Neighborhoods - map marker icon

Choice Neighborhoods

Long Term PHA Financial Strategies - bar graph icon

Long Term PHA Financial Strategies

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Leveraged Rehab

Existing Properties - person over lots of houses icon

Existing Properties

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Special HUD programs


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