We Build Stronger Communities.

More than a tagline, it's our passion.

We help public agencies leverage financing to make affordable housing and communities a reality for all.

A registered municipal advisory firm

as unique as the people we serve.

When you work with us, we zero in on the long-term financial future of your organization, while also navigating your more immediate, short-term challenges.

As a specialized consulting team, we have experience at linking public resources, land, and financing to serve your needs in the most productive, responsive, comprehensive, and collaborative way possible.

We are also the largest majority women-owned municipal advisory firm in the housing sector.*

*Source: Securities Data. Volume amount in $ mill. Market share is % of all housing issues with or without advisors 2002-2021.

Interracial Family standing outside of their modern home
Modern apartment building with glass and blue sky

Expansive Services

designed to meet your needs.

CSG is an established and specialized municipal advisory firm registered through the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”).

Since 1978, we have helped finance housing (homeownership and rental) for more than 1,000,000 families.*

Since 2016 alone, we have structured 900 financings totaling over $37 billion.

*Source: Estimated based on national average loan amounts for single-family and multifamily.

Modern apartment building with glass and blue sky


How We Help.

Affordable housing - building up arrow and dollar sign icon


We pioneer programs like mortgage revenue bonds for home improvement, shared appreciation mortgages, and homeownership assistance for public employees as well as structuring bonds for all types of single family and multifamily homes.

Strategic & Long-Term Planning - hands shaking icon

Strategic & Long-Term Planning

We work with clients to strengthen their strategic and planning efforts, providing a systematic framework for managing risks, devoting resources, and increasing sustainability.

Cash Flow Analysis & Quantitative Services - upward graph icon

Cash Flow Analysis & Quantitative Services

We prepare projections, bond redemption strategies, risk assessment of bond risks, evaluations of the yield vs. cumulative impact as well as consolidated cash flows for many single-family and multifamily indentures and all major rating agencies.

Infrastructure & Land Development - multiple homes icon

Infrastructure & Land Development

We assist public agencies with redevelopment projects, infrastructure developments, investing funds in public-private development projects, and more.

Public finance - piggy bank icon


We design utility and special revenue financing, capital lease financing, and general obligation bonds.

Real Estate Transactions - house with dollar sign icon

Real Estate Transactions

We help you determine the financing structure with the most significant overall benefits for your agency, now and in the future, and provide development advising and build the knowledge and capacity for our clients.

Operations & Financial Management - gears icon

Operations & Financial Management

We help you navigate decisions regarding your organization’s operations and financial management.

University & Non-Profit Work - school icon

University & Non-Profit Work

We have helped universities and major non-profit corporations finance projects and create ongoing financing programs.

By the Numbers

Our Impact at a Glance.








MULTIFAMILY & 501(c)(3)

*Source: Estimated based on national average loan amounts for single family, multifamily, and public housing units financed.

Figures include experience of CSG and predecessor firms.

CSG was established in 1999. Predecessor firms include Gressel Gressel Slater, Caine Gressel Midgley Slater and CGMS Incorporated.


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