Who We Serve

“From public agencies to non-profit corporations, our strategic initiatives result in solutions that optimize results.”

Clients We Have Served


CSG Advisors is committed to developing long term client relationships by advising on long-range goals and strategies based on sound public policy; designing each program and transaction to meet the clients overall objectives; sharing skills, knowledge and information to eliminate the “mysteries” of bond financing; and strengthening the client’s internal capacity through training, education and open communication. As a result of this approach, we have served many of our clients for more than a decade.


State Agencies

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Arizona Division of Housing
California Department of Veteran’s Affairs
California State Treasurer’s Office
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Delaware State Housing Authority
District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
Florida Housing Finance Corporation
Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
Illinois Housing Development Authority
Iowa Finance Authority
Louisiana Housing Finance Authority
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Missouri Housing Development Commission
Montana Board of Housing
Nevada Housing Division
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery
New York State Housing Finance Agency
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
Oregon Housing and Community Services
Puerto Rico Housing Finance Agency
South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority
State of New York Mortgage Agency
Tennessee Housing Development Agency
Texas Comptroller’s Office (Texas DHCA)
Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
Virginia Housing Development Authority
Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Public Housing Authorities

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Bremerton Housing Authority (WA)
Charlotte Housing Authority (NC)
Dallas Housing Authority
District of Columbia Housing Authority
Fresno City and County Housing Authorities (CA)
Home Forward (formerly Portland Housing Authority) (OR)
Housing Authority of Contra Costa County (CA)
Housing Authority of King County (WA)
Housing Authority of Maricopa County (CA)
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara
Houston Housing Authority
Indianapolis Housing Agency
Los Angeles County Housing Authority
Monterey County Housing Authority (CA)
Oakland Housing Authority (CA)
Orlando Housing Authority (FL)

Peninsula Housing Authority (WA)
Philadelphia Housing Authority
Phoenix Housing Department
Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration
Richmond Housing and Redevelopment Authority (VA)
Richmond Housing Authority (CA)
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
San Antonio Housing Authority
San Bernardino County Housing Authority
San Diego Housing Commission
San Francisco Housing Authority
Seattle Housing Authority
St. Louis Housing Authority
St. Petersburg Housing Authority (FL)
Tacoma Housing Authority (WA)
Tampa Housing Authority (FL)
Vancouver Housing Authority (WA)
Virgin Islands Housing Authority
Wilmington Housing Authority (NC)


Ada County (ID)
Alameda County (CA)
Anaheim (CA)
Chicago (IL)
City and County of Denver
City and County of San Francisco
Colton (CA)
Contra Costa County (CA)
Corona (CA)
District of Columbia
East Baton Rouge (LA) Mortgage Finance Authority
Escambia County (FL) Housing Finance Authority
Fairfax County (VA)
Fairfield (CA)
Fontana (CA)
Hayward (CA)
Ione (CA)
Kansas City (MO)
Los Angeles City
Los Angeles County
Napa (CA)

Oceanside (CA)
Oklahoma County Housing Finance Authority
Ontario (CA)
Orange County (CA)
Orange County (FL) Housing Finance Authority
Perris Union High School District (CA)
Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Pinellas County (FL) Housing Finance Authority
Riverside (CA)
Salinas (CA)
San Bernardino County (CA)
San Diego
San Jose
Santa Ana (CA)
Santa Monica (CA)
Seattle (WA)
Southern California Home Financing Authority (CA)
Washington County (OR)

Non-profits, Foundations, Universities, and Schools

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
BRIDGE Housing
California State University Office of the Chancellor
Ford Foundation
Gladstone Institute
Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Living Cities Foundation
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Neighborhood Housing Services of America

Perris Union High School District (CA)
Romoland School District (CA)
San Diego State University (CA)
The Hallmark Group
University of California Merced
University of California Office of the President
University of California San Francisco

Federal Agencies

Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Community Planning and Development
  • Federal Housing Administration
  • Office of Public and Indian Housing

Resolution Trust Corporation


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