How We Work

“We believe that truly representing our clients’ needs means that we maintain focus on the long-term financial future even while navigating short-term challenges.”

How we Work


As an independent firm, we solely represent the interests of the public sector client in each transaction. We do not underwrite bonds, and can independently advise our clients in selecting, working with and evaluating a variety of underwriters. We do not promote or “sell” particular financial ideas or products, but help our clients systematically evaluate the full range of choices available.

Depth of Experience

All of CSG’s senior professionals specialize in housing and development financing for public agencies. This gives our clients an extraordinary level of knowledge and expertise.


We believe that successful projects hinge on strong teamwork and collaboration – both between the financial advisor team and the client’s overall finance team, and between our senior personnel. We work effectively with all members of the finance team to design collaborative solutions to complex problems. We share skills and techniques to open the “black box” of financing, and emphasize training, education and open communication. Our senior personnel also work together to provide the greatest level of advice, capabilities and follow-through. And whatever the subject – tax credits, computer cash flows, bond structures, land leases, new and old federal programs – we draw on the firm’s special experts on that subject.